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My husband and I were having some troubles, there have been a lot of major changes in our life lately and of course those things cause stress. It didn’t help that the people we were room-mating with decided that they didn’t want us together anymore and sat my husband down to fill his head with all kinds of horrible lies. He just got out of the hospital from having an emergency life saving surgery, his baby sister recently passed away at the age of 9 (2 months from her and her twin sisters 10th birthday), he just got a medical discharge from the military, we are pregnant, among other things. || Our roommates were older than us, in fact they have children our age. But that didn’t matter we looked up to them and loved them dearly and things were going great! Until they decided for no f**king reason known to my husband or I, that they didn’t want us to be together anymore. Y’all, I’ll be damned if they didn’t create all kinds of lies about me to my husband. Telling him that I was cheating on him, sexting their son and all kinds of bullshit. I have NEVER cheated on him or anyone else for that matter. I am completely in love with my husband and always have been. || After he was convinced of this and they wouldn’t leave us the fuck alone to talk and they wouldn’t let me say a word, he said he wanted a divorce. || Totally and completely crushed, I went to my parents home in southern Florida. I couldn’t believe everything that was happening. One moment we are happy, in love, and excited for the arrival of our first child, the next my world is completely shattered. || Jump forward a few days or so, we decide that we are going to work things out and he was slowly coming to realize what type of people our roommates are and that none of their stories or accusations add up. I was on FB and something seemed fishy when this girl that I know was talking to him on his page but randomly blocked me for no reason. || Turns out she thought that she was going to take my place and be his new wife. Oh and this little cunt is pregnant too, however, unlike me, she doesn’t know who the father is. She was trying to pull out all of the stops to try to get my husband to leave me and our baby to be with her and hers’. || My husband and I have been seriously working on things and making amazing progress. And he briefly flirted with her while he thought I was unfaithful to him, out of hurt. After she was told by HIM with NO prompting from me that he made a mistake speaking to her and he was sorry but he and I were married and he wasn’t going to throw that away because of some bullshit he believed while he wasn’t in the right frame of mind, the bitch STILL tried to get him to leave me. And when he refused she turned to harassing both of us and a mutual friend of ours because she told Ashley that what she was doing was wrong. || Although she did not wreck my home, she tried her damnedest and is still trying. Even though we have moved over 800 miles away to be close to his family. In my book, trying to tear apart a husband and a wife is just as fucking bad as actually doing it. I mean I was there for this girl, I was a shoulder for her to cry on when she had no one to be moral support with her pregnancy. She knew that my husband and I have lost 3 children prior to our current pregnancy and we are over the moon that we have gotten this far with this little girl. I don’t know, I guess she just saw how happy we were just like our roommates and wanted what I have. An amazing husband who is thrilled to have created a life with his wife. || The sad part is, after she failed at taking my man, she succeeded at taking another woman’s and is now calling him the father of her child. But that’s not all! A week later she did the same thing to someone else and they are engaged! After one week of being”together”. || I am just so thankful my husband realized that something smelled fishy with everything before our marriage went up in flames and he got with this bitch. Ladies of Southern Georgia, if this girl is hanging out with or talking with your guy, run her slutty ass off. She is like herpes, she won’t go away. She is still waiting for her chance to be with my husband.

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