Ashley Hullinger – Concord, NC Tool Who Cant Take A Hint North Carolina


This homewrecker not only enjoys destroying marriages she is a classic manipulator. She is a saleswoman at heart that chose to flirt with and constantly surround herself with a married man going through a difficult time in his life. She was married but instead of focusing on fixing her own life and marriage chose to go after another womans husband. A married man of 3, the youngest being 9, 4 grandchildren, aging parents that he always took care of and she manipulated the entire situation. She destroyed her poor husband by making him feel responsible for all their problems and convinced her “prey” that she is “good for” him. She purposefully got herself pregnant (anyone that doesnt use protection is obviously wanting to get pregnant!) And continues to cause constant problems for the family she has attempted to destroyed! The 9 year old is in counseling and has sadly learned what it is to hate somebody because of her pitiful actions. She thinks she is justified in everything because “they have something special” . How many times has someone heard that! She jeopardizes her job constantly and doles out money for a man that uses her and is so lost she has him thinking he is mental ill because of his family! Such a sad excuse for a woman! Classic example of never satisfied with what they have and always wanting what isnt theirs to take. TRASH!!!!

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By Ronald

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