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My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married for 10. We had a baby boy 3 years ago. I had a difficult pregnancy, the baby was a premie, and he was colicky. I became depressed and withdrawn due to the fact that my husband would rather play video games with his headphones on and yell obscenities than help me with the baby. Time wore on, nothing changed, I became more and more depressed without realizing it. Husband lost his job, and began a new job working 3:00pm-11:00 pm. We never saw each other and when we did it was the five minutes every morning when I had to wake him up to look after the baby when I left for work and he was a miserable POS. It was just before our son’s second Christmas that I began to realize that there was something just not quite right with myself and our relationship. I decided to go online and buy him a nice cross for Christmas as a gesture to show him that I’m still here, and I still care. While shopping I come across a $200 necklace purchased by him and delivered to some bitch named Ashley. I immediately confronted him about it and his first response was that she was a friend and he was helping her to get it for her mother. I reminded him that I am not an idiot and wouldn’t let it go. He then said that it was actually for me and he had it sent to”his friend” so that I wouldn’t find it. I did end up with the necklace, but something was still not feeling right.I became paranoid and started to notice things like his internet porn habit, his secrecy with his phone, deleted text messages…just after Christmas I get the”I’m not happy…I love you but I’m not in love you” speech. I had a nutty, screaming, rage, knocked myself senseless on the wall. He said that we should go to a marriage counselor and that I should also seek counseling for myself. And he agreed to change his work schedule to the day shift. We did, I did. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and have been on medication and feeling pretty good. We went from”I’m not happy” to”let’s buy an annual family pass to Disney World.” 3 months later, I get the speech again, tis time I did not react, I simply got in my car and left to go to my mother’s house. He found me and was crying and”I do love you, I’m sorry, you are my soulmate…” The next day we go to look at houses to buy, and we end up buying new living room furniture. 3 months later, we are in NY visiting his family and our son is playing with his phone when he gets a message.”I love you”- from the same Ashley-bitch that”my” necklace was sent to 6 months prior. I got upset but didn’t react. The next day we flew home and as soon as we get home and I get our son to bed I get the speech again. I walk away and shut myself in the bathroom. When I come out he is packing a duffel bag and said he was going to a”friend’s” house to”think”. Meanwhile, our lease was up and we had to find a new place to live in less than a month. While he was gone he would come to the house almost every day to see our son and he would stay for dinner then leave. We even took our so out to the park and the zoo. And we were looking at houses to rent. He still”wasn’t sure” what he was doing.Exactly 2 weeks after he left, he came home in the middle of the night, crying and”I love you, and you’re my soulmate, and this is where I belong”. We rent a nice big house, with a nice big yard and we get a puppy. We went to marriage counseling for 4 months then our counselor dismissed us, she said we were going to be fine and to call if we needed her. In early October he tells me that the reason he was unhappy was because of our money situation. He tells me we are $42,000 in credit card debt. ! ? We filed for bankruptcy. We went through Halloween and Thanksgiving. As Christmas was coming, I began to feel that something just isn’t right feeling again. But we had a very nice Christmas, I got a beautiful ring with the Celtic eternity knot, to symbolize our”eternal love”, and he have me a card in which he wrote how much he loves me and always will, forever and a day. Yea. New Years Eve, he kisses me and says”happy new year”. I say”happy new year”. He whispers,”I hope so”. I said what, you aren’t”happy” and he shakes his head. || January 9, 2014 we go to our bankrupt hearing and that night after I get our son to bed he tells me he only came back in July because of our son, and his relationship with Ashley-whore has”progressed”. He left me again, exactly 6 months to the hour from the first time, and the same day as our hearing. He came back the next day to see our son and get some things, and his wedding band and a ring I had given to him the previous Christmas were both gone. He admitted to the affair, but said it had only been going on since”he came back”. I again reminded him that I am not stupid. And he was banging her the whole time he was lying through his lying liar hole to me and our marriage counselor. He has been gone for almost a month now and he has made my life a living hell. He is demanding that he get our son every week from Wednesday to Friday, and every other Saturday. Threatening me with”legal action” if I refuse. Our son is 3. He doesn’t need to be in the house of sin where he sleeps in”daddy and Ashley’s bed” and Ashley gives him a bath. This weekend our son is sick, he has a fever of 104, he has been in the emergency room and I said he wasn’t going anywhere. Now he has cut my cellphone service and is threatening to not pay any more of our bills. I told him he is financially obligated to us and his reply is that he has his own expenses, and I make a lot more than he does. I called my lawyer, let’s get this ball rolling. As for her….karma is a bitch and so am I.

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