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My wife and I purchased a Beautyrest King size mattress set (mattress and box spring) from Ashley Furniture Homestore, 8708 Castle Creek Parkway East Drive Indianapolis, IN 46250 on 07/10/2012 (receipt number 500092100). The mattress set was delivered on 07/28/2012. It was delivered together with a King size bed which we had purchased from the same store a few days earlier. We paid $973.69 for the mattress set and $3,730.29 in total, including for the bed and some other pieces of furniture. When we were shopping at Ashley Furniture Homestore on 07/10/2012, we saw several mattress sets (mattresses and box springs) on display, and shortlisted one. Seeing that the mattress set was not on a bed with headboard and footboard. we specifically asked the sales representative who was assisting us (I think his name is Mr. David, but we are not sure) whether the height of the mattress with the box spring when assembled on any bed bought from Ashley would be the same as what we were seeing on display in the store. His response was an unequivocal yes, it will be The box spring that was on display with the mattress was of size 9. Because of this piece of information from the sales representative, we later informed the store that we would like to go with the same size box spring. As noted, the mattress was delivered on 07/28/2012. When the mattress and box spring were set up on the bed (both of which was delivered on the same day), we found that the mattress and box spring were so high that my wife, who is 53 tall is unable to sit on the bed in any normal way. To reach the top of the bed, she literally has to climb by stepping on the bed frame. The top of the mattress is at a level above her stomach. Our son who is nearly 4 tall cannot even use the bed. The top of the mattress is at the level of his chest. He has to use a step up ladder with at least two steps to get onto the mattress. After seeing that the mattress set on the bed was way too high, we called the Ashley Furniture Homestore. We spent a lot of money on the mattress and to not be able to use it at all is very troubling and stressful for us. We requested the store to exchange the box spring they delivered with a smaller box spring. The manager we spoke with, Ms. Debbie, was absolutely not sympathetic to our problem and straight out refused to do anything. We also spoke with the General Manager, Mr. Noah Mendonca, and informed him that it was their sales representative who misled us by telling us that the height of the mattress set on any bed sold by Ashley furniture would be the same as what the mattress set that was displayed in the store. However, Mr. Noah too was trying to ignore our problem. I told him that I could send him photos of me and my son standing next to the bed so that he could get an idea of the problem we were facing and that we are not bothering them about a small issue. Mr. Noah asked me to send the photos to him and we did so promptly. The next day he called to say that they cannot do anything about it. nNow we have a mattress set that cost us $973.69 and a bed that cost $471.12, which are lying in our bedroom just the way they were delivered to us (even the plastic cover on the mattress is intact). Having spent $1,444.81, we cannot use the bed at all. All we requested was for them to give us a smaller box spring. Both Ms. Debbie (Manager) and Mr. Noah (General Manager) flatly refused to do anything for us. Their way of talking was like once it is out of our store, we dont care if you can use it or not or what you do with it. When we called them we informed them of our genuine problem about how we cannot use the mattress even though it was a big purchase, their attitude was like I dont care what you think of our products or our store. Once they get the money from us, they dont care about anything else. Although we dont have a problem with this approach because it is their choice to do business in that manner, we do object to having been given wrong information in the first place, which we relied upon while finalizing the size of the box spring. In view of the above, we request your help in resolving the issue. All we are asking is for Ashley Furniture to exchange the box spring that was delivered to us to one of a smaller size. Had we been given the correct information by the sales representative when we asked him, we obviously would have ordered the right sized box spring. Thank you.

8708 Castle Creek Parkway East Drive Internet, Indiana United States of America

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