Ashley Furniture Homestore Northport Alabama Review


We started our furniture shopping experience in April 2011. We decided the design, material and size of the sectional we were looking for all we had to do is locate this particular prized piece. Our search finally led us to Ashley Furniture, sure I had heard both negative and positive feedback, to each his own. After we found the perfect sectional, we had the salesperson at the local Ashley store look it up and make sure the piece was in fact avaliable. She stated it was, however, this particular piece was discontinued, they had one left in their Distribution Center. We rushed to place the order. After placing the order the salesperson assurred us we would receive delivery early the upcoming week since the furniture was already in the D.C.. We were pleased at the time to hear that. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday rolls around we hear nothing, so we give in and call to make sure that there was no problems. As it turned out, the salesperson did not complete the order, so the D.C. had no knowledge the sectional was purchased and we could not take delivery this week. Needing a couch desperately or my pregnant self would have to resort to lawn chairs for the next two to three weeks, we called the D.C., they said they checked and just received the order but could not deliever, but we can pick up anyday. We contacted our family to see if anyone can pick our furniture up, my mother agrees and we had another family member loan us a trailor to carry the 9 foot piece of furniture with. The D.C. is located about 80 miles from my home, according to the directions we were given — which were wrong”. — The directions said to turn left when we were to turn right or vise versa?. We had to stop and get directions from a convieance store. After arriving 30 minutes later than planned

the Ashley Furniture employees start loading the pieces””. The employees decide to push the sectional on the trailor instead of lifting it dragging the bottom across the edge of the trailor ripping the back and bottom of the sofa in several places””. After picking the pieces off the side of the trailor and show the employee

he stated that its ok we had purchased the protection plan — it was covered!. After getting the sectional home we began to inspect the piece and find tears and rips in various other places that while on the trailor was covered with the “”plastic wrap protectant””.”” Giving a call to Ashley regarding our protection plan

they stated for the first 45 minutes that the sofa was not covered because it was discontinued

. After a long arguement over whom was at fault

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