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There’s nothing more humiliating than admitting you’re an idiot….and I am. Dave and I have been together for a year and a half officially.He has 2 children (that I adore) from a previous relationship. Around August 2014 him, and his 2 children (when he had them), moved into my home. Things seemed great. I didn’t think we had any secrets. || In March 2015, I walked into the bedroom to hear one of his telephone conversations (his phone speaker is abnormally loud). I heard a woman on the other end of the line, specifically,”so….do ya wanna meet up so we can talk about stuff?”. I honestly didn’t think much of it. I assumed maybe his ex, something about the kids, or one of his sisters….even his Mom. However when I asked him who that was on the phone, he told me”Adam, from work”. Immediately I called bullshit and asked to see his phone then. Of course he refused. I left for 10 minutes and when I came back, he was suddenly ready to show me who he was talking to. The phone said Adam Tate and was time stamped. It also gives a preview of the number. I’m a smart girl. I know if I changed Dave’s name to”Stacy” in my phone, all prior communication, as well as current, will read”Stacy” I remembered the number and with investigative work, discovered there was no Adam Tate….only an Ashley. || I messaged him, told him I knew he was lying and it didn’t matter why. I messaged her and she assured me that it was professional. They work together and he was helping her connect with a student (she works in special education). I asked if it was normal for custodians to assist in student relationships, and she assured me they were just work friends and Dave had a connection with this kid that earned him his trust. You should know Dave has been cheated on in the past and is pretty uncomfortable with platonic relationships. I assume (gave him the excuse of) he didn’t want to be a hypocrite by having one of his own…life moved on. || In late April, he wakes up on a Sunday and decides to head to Cabella’s. I think nothing of it until the following Tuesday, I get a (humiliating) phone call at work that my coworker saw my guy at Cabella’s with another girl on Sunday, My coworker wouldn’t have known Dave was at Cabella’s unless he saw him there. I didn’t divulge that information. I send him some pictures of my friends, mixed with Ashley’s photo…he picks Ashley of 5 girls he’s never met. Of course Dave denies it all. Even threatens to break up with me!”I guess we’ll never be happy, I’m so done”. I wasn’t prepared, so I caved temporarily. || No more than a week later, we had some company that included his little sister. He was texting on his phone and I observed her looking over at his phone as he jerked it back to hide it. She looked directly at me and says”You’re too good for him anyway”! I was floored! Finally that night, he left his phone unattended, in the bedroom to charge. I didn’t have to look far….I opened his screen and their text conversation was front and center. HE WAS JUST TEXTING HER! It was Ashley….the bitch he works with! I scrolled back as far as I could and came across messages saying” I can’t get enough of your hugs/kisses” and”It’s getting harder and harder to keep myself away from you”. THIS GIRL IS MARRIED!!!! Just got married! I confronted her via text (because she was too much of a coward to meet me or TALK to me). She told me she wasn’t aware that him and his children lived with me and she felt terrible for her actions. She made poor choices and loved her husband and would not interfere again. I loved him and very much loved his children. I tried to stick it out….I mean, she knew now right? She knows I’m a real person and her actions are tearing my world apart. I mean surely…she just didn’t know, right? || June 2015 I (by my own complete disgust) looked at his phone records online. I found several recent communications. Phone calls, lengthy phone calls….frequently. I didn’t want excuses, that was all I had to see. I immediately changed my locks (he can easily move right back to his house) and told him I was done. I messaged Him and Ashley both and told them the only way he was getting his shit was if she personally arrived to retrieve it….to this day, she has not been woman enough to answer a single phone call or text message. In fear I’d tell him, she blocked me from her husband’s facebook page….so I inboxed her mother in law….sigh….I think I win….

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