Ashley Crews – Malicious endeavor Florida


She’s a single mother who lives with her mother. I have to say, she is not your average dim witted sloot, who more times than not, either completely lack the brain function requirements for comprehensive understanding of their actions or have little to no self esteem and seducing or acquiring the attention of married men gives them a sense of value. Usually due to the ignorance of those responsible for teaching moral and character building during their developmental years. After evaluating my situation and clearly identifying and confronting in order to disclose possible informantion she may be lacking, such as, the fact that he’s married and we raise children together … She gave the impression that she had been misinformed and that she wanted no part in such. Ha … Yeah, In my opinion, she’s manipulative and calculated who’s basic needs are provided, has had her fair share of unsuccessful relationships, along with a poor me mentality, and waste all her every on vengeful acts for entertainment. This one, by my judgement, is highly intelligent and is fully aware of her actions as they are intentional and deliberate. A malicious and callous jezabelle that’s by far the most pathetic of them all. Clearly blessed and gifted who chooses to negatively influence the lives of others instead of focusing on self awareness and positive changes to one’s own self to further avoid repetitive experiences.

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By Ronald

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