Ashley Addiction Treatment – Bad for Your Loved Ones

This treatment center is staffed by incompetent, uncaring people. I admitted a loved one here for her alcoholism. At the time she was a bright and outgoing person. Upon admittance, she was very willing to accepting of the program. I was not able to see her for 3 months, so I was unaware of what was going on.When I was finally able to visit I saw what was really going on. She was different. They had subdued her with drugs and she was sleepy and unresponsive. According to the director, she was on a good path to recovery, but I could not see it. They only allowed 30 minutes with me. When I left she gave me letters that she had been writing me, but they never let her send them.In her letters, she said that the place was awful. They made them sleep in close quarters, they kept everyone drugged up all day, and they treated everyone in the facility like worthless trash.I was horrified and I took her out as soon as I could.She is now in a facility that is actually taking care of her.Do not take your loved ones here.

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