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Asha and my husband were friends. She began calling him in the middle of the night (3am). I called her to let her know that no matter what he said we were still married and she did not have my blessing to pursue any kind of relationship with him. She already knew we were married and didn’t seem to care. She is from the ghettos of Baltimore and can hardly string together a coherent sentence true to the stereotype. || I don’t know how the whole relationship evolved, but I know she encouraged my husband not to talk to me and would even go through his phone and get mad at him if he did. || They ended up sleeping together 3 times. My husband being drunk at least one of the times… He did not enjoy it, but apparently she did. I hope she thinks that kind of thing is worth it. || I understand the situation of those who are lied to about their existing marriages, but this particular piece of filth knew very well that my husband was married and had a child and was with them when he was spending time with her. || From what I’ve been able to find out this girl has nothing going for her and was just convenient. When guys feel bad about themselves they go for the low hanging fruit and this one is definitely among the lowest. Her character seems to be garbage and husband even said she had nothing to offer (not attractive, not smart, no future) she was just nice. And apparently that was enough at the time. || Someone who tells a man not to contact their wife (who is caring for their child) is manipulative and disgusting. I have everything going for me in this life otherwise I’d like to getting the sweetest of revenge. Until then, this will have to do.

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