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HEATHER CLAWSON = OBSCENE RESPONSES TO VALID CRITICISM! Saying that Heather ‘Wait’ll I Get My Claws On YOU” Clawson ‘curated’ this mish-mash of interior photos is like saying a puppy who ate a copy of House Beautiful, then vomited up the remains, ‘curated’ that issue of the magazine. Once again, Clawson tries to burnish her own (imaginary? delusional?) reputation as a ‘decorator’ by appropriating other – better – designers’ work and insinuating that because she gushes over it (OMG! That chair! I would just DIE to sit on it! Yummy! Sigh.) that somehow she’s an ‘expert’ on anything other than her own pathetic navel-gazing. That she supports and promotes stolen designs and merchandise on her amateurish ‘style blog’ and answers legitimate questions by her critics with profanity-laden emails is sad; that she thinks the minute she stops swooning over any gewgaw and gimcrack that catches her eye anyone will pay any attention to her drool-smeared musings is laughable. Habititually Chic? Try Ha[censored]ually Reek!

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  • Clawson tries very hard to give the impression that she lives a lifestyle similar to the swell people that she gushes about in her blog. I don’t believe it for a minute. She relentlessly posts just about every day. Clearly she relies on that blog to make a living.

    As for the few articles online about her supposedly fabulous, toney, Upper Eastside digs, my bet is that she’s far east of Lex in a tiny walkup. Notice that you NEVER see an entire room of her apartment. It’s all closely shot, staged vignettes.

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