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Complaint: In December of 2000, I was referred to Arrow Automotive to have some brake work done. I went to Arrow and spoke with Andy. I explained that I was having troubles with the rotors and calipers. I dropped the vehicle off and was told that he would call with the diagnosis of the problem. I received a call a couple hours later and was told that he would need to replace the rotors, calipers, and brake pads and pack the bearings. He explained that the cost would be around $400. I was also having trouble with the transmission shifting and he told me that he could fix that by replacing the transmission modulator for an additional $200. I said that would be find and he would call me at the end of the day when it was completed. I called him later that afternoon and he told me that they put the modulator in and they were still having shifting problems. He told me that it would be at the shop another day. I called the next afternoon and he told me that they could not get the transmission right and would need to be replaced. Andy said that the transmission would be between $800-$1200 and he would take off the $200 for the modulator since that did not fix the problems. I authorized the repairs and he said that the car would be ready the following afternoon. The next afternoon, I called and Andy said they are almost done and to call him in an hour to see if the car was ready. I called in an hour and he said they are road testing it and call in 10 min, 10 min later I called and he said they are doing some fine tuning and would be ready first thing in the morning. I went though the same story for the next 2 days of him telling me to call back in 10 minutes or that it would be ready that day and the work was not done until 6 days later. Since, I could not afford the expense, Andy said that I could finance the charges through Wells Fargo, their finance company. I signed the finance papers and never received an itemized bill from Arrow Automotive. I asked Andy to see an itemized bill, but he said that his computers were down and the only way that I could be my truck back was if I signed the papers for the financing. I financed $1300 and charged $600 on my credit card. He said that he would have an itemized bill later and would get that to me. One week later the transmission went out on a Friday night. I called and spoke with Andy on Saturday morning and he had the vehicle towed over to his shop. I called on Monday and he said the vehicle would be ready that night and to call him at 5. I called Tuesday morning and he said to call him in an hour. The same story over and over again. Finally on Wednesday, he said that the truck would be ready late Wednesday and I made arrangements with him to pick up my girlfriend from her house and bring her back to his shop so she could pick up the vehicle since I was at work. She called and he said that the truck is still being fixed and to call back in 10 min. She called and he was not there, so she called me at work and I was really upset at this time. I got off work early and drove over to the shop and Andy said he just got back to the shop. I told him I wanted my truck back tonight. He said the truck is at his other shop, so he called down there and spoke with the manager and he was informed that the truck was still not done. Andy took me down to a transmission shop called Atlas Transmission. The shop was closed and one of the workers was locking up. Andy asked one of the workers what is the story with the green Explorer. The worker said that it needs a new transmission and they will not get to it until a couple of days. I got very upset and demanded a rental car while my truck was being fixed and Andy agreed that he would pay for a rental car. I then asked for an itemized bill again and was told his computers were still down. He wrote something up saying that he did transmission work and that he would pay for the rental car. On the bottom of the bill, he wrote 1yr parts and labor warranty. The next day, I called to see if my car was done. Andy said it was and hung up on me. My girlfriend went and picked up the car that afternoon. He said to send him the rental bill and he would send me a check. I sent a copy of the rental bill twice and received no response, so I called and he said that he sent it and would be there in a couple of days. I waited 2 weeks and still did not receive the check, so I went to Arrow. I asked where was the check and Andy said he was busy and he had to go pick up some parts. I said OK and that I would wait for him. He came back 10 min later and called the bank to see if the check had gone through. The banks said that it did not go through, so he issued me another check for the rental car. This was at the beginning of March. At the end of the conversation, Andy said that he sold the shop and he was not honoring any more warranties. At the end of March, I was having trouble with the brakes again. I took the truck to Brake Check and they said the 4×4 hubs and the calipers were not installed correctly and that messed a lit of things up in the front brakes. My girlfriend called and spoke with Andy again. She asked him what it would take to get an itemized bill; he said that he would fax one to her right now. After 15 min she did not receive one, so she called again. Andy said that he would fax one right now and she got the fax while she was still on the phone with him. All that the bill contained was the work done on the transmission and the bill totaled $2100. She asked him, what about the brake work. He said that the brake work was on a different bill and that he would fax that in 10 min again. Then he asked her are you having problems with the brakes. She said yes and I was at Brake Check now and having them looked at and they said something about the calipers and 4×4 hubs were not put back on right and messed everything up. He called her back 45 min later and told her he was in the process of sending the fax and wanted to make sure that she received it and that it came in clear. She received the fax and he left the work out that he did on calipers and the bill was still $2100. At this time, he told her when the truck was fixed and we received the bill to fax him a copy of the bill. We faxed him a copy of the bill and he said that he would call Brake Check to confirm if this work was done and see what the cause of problem was and that he would call us. She called him the next day and he said he did not get a chance to call and that he would call the manager of Brake Check and would giver her a call back later that day. When she got no response again, she called and spoke with Andy again and was informed that he talked to his lawyer and since Andy did not know that there were problems with the brakes and was not given a chance to see the problems or repair the mistakes that Arrow Automotive was not responsible for the repair cost at Brake Check. She informed him that he was aware that there were problems with the brakes before any work was done and his response was to send a bill when the work was completed. Andy said that he would have his lawyer contact her. After not hearing from the lawyer in a week she called Andy and asked if she could call him lawyer herself but was told that he would leave another message to have him call her. All I am asking for is for the cost of repairs that Brake Check did that Arrow Automotive did incorrectly. I would take my truck back to Arrow because of all the problems that I had and I need my truck to drive back and forth to work and when Andy says it is only going to be a day, it turns into 4 or 5 days if not longer. On the itemized bill that he faxed to us, is says 90 days or 4,000 mile warranty and the one that he wrote before says 1 year parts and labor warranty. I have contacted the Attorney General and they can’t do anything because Arrow will not respond to this complaint. Mark Forgy

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