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Complaint: This review is not specifically aimed at ARPwave as a service, but more of a warning for others who might be working with them in a business or creative sense. The owner of ARPwave, Dennis Thompson and son Colt Thompson, are one of the most dishonest, misleading and manipulative human beings I have ever worked with. It is long overdue that there garbage was exposed. If you’re in the early stages of working with him or have already started a project, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE TO GET A DEPOSIT, and make sure you get everything in writing. He will do or say anything to further his cause, even if it comes at your expense. I learned this the hard way after completing a very large job for him, only to have him make totally outrageous and unorthodox demands at the last minute, and then refusing to pay for the 6 months of work I put into his job. He makes far-fetched promises which he has no intention of keeping (assurances of future business from all the locations he plans to open, client and colleague referrals, etc.), and will string you along for as long as you let it happen. He will juice you of your expertise and ideas, so donu2019t give all your tricks away over the phone or email. So again, consider this fair warning. It’s too late for me, but hopefully enough people will share this and we can stop these people from completely wasting the time of hard working small businesses. I have many emails saved that prove the work I did for him along with my ideas and my plans to grow ARPwave as a company. He promised me all this business and money and when the time came he pulled the plug. He used me completely for all my experience and knowledge and stole all my ideas. I built him a new website that took me 6 months of part time work. I have 100’s of unpaid hours. This family run company is only out to screw people.

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Address: 7721 145th St W St Paul, Minnesota USA


Phone: 952-431-9708

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