From an ad on facebook, I ordered 6 waterproof solar lights back in May 2018. They charged my credit card for the whole amount and sent me an email saying it was shipped and a tracking number. The product never came, I tracked it and the number was false, couldn’t find it anywhere. I called the telephone help line, just a recording. I did everything the recording asked, re: sending an email to their support line. Many email and no answers, Went to their web site under "contact us", many many many contact numbers to them, but no response. Their is nothing at all from them. No customer service, no address or state as to where they are. Nothing. It is no July and I still do not have the products I paid for. Get the FBI on this website, it should be shut down. Please do not put my name out in public. I do not want to talk to the press or have my name associated with this at all. I’ve learned my lesson, but trying to protect other people.

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By Ronald

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