Arline R. Taylor – Kansas City, Missouri Missouri


This old moldy bitch thought she could take my husband after 20 years of marriage. She seduced him and persuaded him with money. He did some house repair work for her, so he spent a lot of time there. Apparently, the “extra” work he did, deserved “extra” pay. I had my suspicions about her, but second guessed myself because she is a lot older, and I thought I knew my husband better than that. Anyway, I heard a voice message she had left on his phone and I called back. She then told me that she had been sleeping with my husband for some time and he was in love with her and was leaving me but wanted to wait until after our grandchild was born. She even had the audacity to tell my husband that he could bring our daughter and unborn grandchild to live with her. Watch your man around this one, she doesn’t care if he is married, she is desperate enough to take anything she can get.

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By Ronald

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