Arizona Investment Link, You Are Just Giving Money To Someone Else’s Investment


There are a lot of ways that you can invest in real estate, a lot of people do, and Arizona Investment Link takes advantage of that. They are well- known for ripping people off. I learned the hard way by attempting to collaborate with them. I was not a big fan of the gentleman I was working within the first place( Brandon Cox) but the guy convinced me that I was getting into a once in a lifetime deal that was not going to be available for long. I put $4, 350 down. I could not refuse the offer. After I gave him the money, however, I never heard from him again. I would call him and repeatedly text me, but I either got no response, or a message saying that he was not available to talk right now. He never was and I learned that he never would be. This is a complete scam. I never saw that four grand again. STAY AWAY from Arizona Investment Link and Brandon Cox.

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