Arizona Biomedical Research Centre – Arizona Biomedical Research Centre is a JOKE

This is the worst place to work. It is filled with some of the most incompetent people and the worst management I have ever worked under. There is a reason they have a high turnover. Three people quit in the amount of time I was there for one month, not including me. They started me off overseeing 5 cases because they did not have enough people to handle their medical testing in the first place. For a new person, I had a lot of questions along the way, but no one was willing to help, even management. I was scolded for not keeping a close enough watch and it was every man for himself. The staff is incredibly rude an uncwelcoming. They expected me to work til 10PM and then be back at 4AM and only have an hour break for lunch. They ran me into the ground. I barely had any sleep and they expected me to take care of other people. To top it off, the people that come in for “treatment” are terrible. They are often homeless or on the verge. One woman tried to blame a makeup product we were testing on her having a disease. These are the kind of people that will do anything for $20. Don’t work here. You will regret it.

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