Ariel Sechong contract worker overseas, serial cheater, you are 1 of many


Ariel Sechong lives in Ohio now (Columbus) with girlfriend but serial online dater out to just use you for adult fun mostly online but sometimes IRL. Was in Afganistan now in Saudi on contract work and up to his old tricks. No scamming here but always has a “roommate” back home. Better believe this roommate is a woman he calls girlfriend to everyone but you. He uses women he meets on sites (dating and lync) for free porn (pics and calls and ims) when he is out of country and he cant get it because the country he is in blocks it. he is nice and he is patient and does a really good job of making you think he cares about your everyday problems, he will even buy you things sometimes big things sometimes small (computer monitor, tires, shoes, purses, a watch) , but he only wants one thing in the end. great liar, will tell you just enough truth to make you believe him over everything else. i caught him in his lie putting up a dummy profile on the same place i met him through and caught him in lies. saying the same thing to “both women” when it was really just me all along. he hides behind his military and contract life and is back home way more than he tells you. if you dont hear from him, trust me hes not in some training manuvers in the mountains or off with buddys snowmobiling, sure he finds a little time for you, a few hours or a day maybe (always a quick layover on a longer flight) but hes back home with the roomate aka girlfriend most of the time (he will say its his kids but he barely sees them in fact if he has you meet him in VA then you are taking away from the 3-4 days he set aside for his kids. If this is how little his own kids mean to him, where are you in his priorties really). Does this sound familiar??? “yummy” “imagine me under your desk” “smooches all over” ?? he says the same thing to every one of us trust me. just preying on us. stay away from him and don’t waste your time unless you want to share. He is never satisfied with one girl. what he does is very calculated. what he is doing is wrong, but if you keep talking to him all you are adding to it and probably a home wrecker without knowing it because you know Miss Ohio roommate/gf is clueless about all of this and thinks shes the only one. Newsflash he tells us all that. i feel bad for her. this selfish little man is probably using her too. And for you who knows he has a gf (Lynn & Laurie) there is a special kind of place in hell for you you two would be on shesa homewrecker if it were me. Oh almost forgot, he SLEEPS WITH TONS of women and REFUSES to use a condom…bareback or nothing for this player…talk about dirty! Do you trust all those other women are clean? He used to get nervous about giving his full name until Cheater ville site went down. Hate that site is down, there were tons of women on there tellin it like it is about Ariel.

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