Arianna Santamaria (Arianna Losada), Robert Limato, Platinum Kitchen & Bath Designs Review


Arianna Santamaria -nLosada (Crackhead Prosititute) and Robert Limato have been engaging in FraudulentnBusiness Practices in the Cape Cod Area for some time. Thesentwo individuals robbed this poor widower of over $570,000 to pretend they werenindependently wealthy. As far as shopping sprees Arianna Santamaria (AKAnLosada) the documented abuser of senior citizens in the Cape Cod Area: n nLOSADA, Arianna, 46, 6nLinda Lane, Hyannis; assault and battery of a person 60 years and older orndisabled Nov. 4 in Sandwich. Pretrial hearing June 14. EWS/4140315/-1 eczczzcxws06 n nFor almost two years thesentwo individuals have bought two Porsche’s, paid there children’s collegentuitions, went on trips, shopping sprees, remodeled their home, maintainedntheir drug addictions, paid their mortgage, and lived like they were independentlynwealthy by abusing an recently widowed elderly woman who was scared to denynthem money. It is general public understanding that their drug usage numbedntheir conscience and possibly their grip with reality having them believe thatnthey actually were entitled to this poor woman’s money. Here is somencorrespondence with the victim and her sister: nI have a very hard time believing Ariana’sningorance about the $570K however much loan you gave Rob. What did shenthink about Jim telling me that thousands of your money went to her sons?nWhats the adress of her Blog, I see his facebook page has been removed. nYou obviously believe anything those 2 tell younthough. Just saying Be Careful, these people are not like us. They havendifferent nupbringings, values, morales, beliefs, everything! nWhy is it stupid for Rob to sell fixtures to raisenmoney for you? His shop is a flop if he can’t raise the rent. The fixturesnwill go to nsomeone other than you if you wait for hisnbankrupcy. Let him start raising money for you anyway he can. It’sntime to stop nthinking about the Limato clan as your familyn& look to a future without them in your life. nNothing good has come from your association withnthem. Nothing. Rob should be selling more than the fixtures to resolventhis loan. And I doubt he’ll be finding work anytime soon either. nI can only imagine that this is from your boynJimmy, Seamus. nI wonder what he has planned with a GMail accountnin the name of Robert Leduc? nIt’s all so dang weird, & scary too. Why can’tnhe use him name, sign it? Creepy eh. nHe wants me “to step in””. Like I haven’tntried since Rob first showed up

& when this little creep of a cousinnshowed up too. nWhere does he get off giving this friendly advisenafter he’s proven he’s no better than Rob & Ariana? nYou know I tried to prevent you from havingnanything to do with Rob & Ariana. nI’ve had to sit back & watch this Rob disasternunfold

& be helpless to do a dang thing about it. nSo his email is just an annoyance for me. It’snkinda spiteful isn’t it? Tittle tattling on you. Whatever! nFor what? So I can “”weed throughnb*******””? And then what? nI wish you had never gone back to Cape Cod. It’s ansorry state of affairs for sure.”

Hyannis, MA Hyannis, Massachusetts United States of America


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