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Well do agree with theyre problems Arc does not know how to follow theyre own rules.There is rules for the residents and ones for management .nNow as far as getting ahold of the DM or the the other management they all will stick up for one another, am right know trying to get themnot to kick me out of the park.Have been here for the last 11 years was here before arc bought out the other owners.nIn the past 4years have had problems with nabors that moved in at that time,harassing me flipping me offnYelling all kind of profane names had plants come up missing or just ripped out of the ground.Complained to the office the manager at the time started to do something about it,ended up kickingnOut the problem people or at least by law wise but yet did not really move out but could not get the pdoff that theywas still there,or atleast proff enough for the DM, so I have to put up with nabors thatdo not follow tje rules,do the yard up,fix windows in theyre house just put cardboard in the window instead, and anyone that lives at ARC knows that is against the rules.The main problem is now there is a new manager here that does not do anything dealing with the rules and because I complained on the nabors to the manager and the DM,and to the DM about the manager not doing anything in the park other than let everything go in the park.The other manager had tje park looking good but anyway.nOne of the mantaice people came raceing down the street in theyre golf carts went up onto the sidewalk to miss the speed bump almost hitting my 70 ford galaxie.I had complained about him speeding up anddown thestreets and going up onthe sidewalks before to the manager.So I go down to complain AGAIN about this person and when went it to the back to tell him about tjis he starts to laugh at me before I even get it out of my mouth.Theother guy came up and tryex to trap me into the room I felt asif thiswas going to go a bad way so went to leave and turn to do so but he did not move, so I put two fingers on him and pushed a little to move and saying move and left now they are saying I knocked him down when I did not my God I’m 6 foot and weigh 150 disabled for my back. The one weighs in at least 320 lbs and the manager is 6 3 and a good 300 lbs him self now because I felt traapped and wantex out and he did not move when I tryed to leave they are trying to kick me out of my house I AM NOT RENTTING, and the main resone the will not talk to me is because I complained to much about the things around here. I dont have the money about five tho to move myhouse never less where to move it too the own most of the parks here. Not sure whzt am going to xo but for now fighting it with lawyers…….The thing wish for all to see is if you live at ARC, American residential communtiesnDont belive theyre words of whating to have a better place to live they dont give a $&##$& they cjust want youto pay yhe rent and deal with all the crap that goes on,raiseing the lot rent every year,haveing nabors tormentting you spitting on cars killing off the plants you just bought to try to make yourhouse look better…nBest way of putting it dont complain about what you think is right because they have a differnt way oc seeing things that are right…….Oh yea so that you all know the one that started this by trapping me in the room and speeding down the street and almost hitting my car and the one that I waz sapose to of knock down was fired the next day for his atatude

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