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Complaint: In response to some of the complaints I received I too have been contacted by ARA Staffing. When I looked them up at the BBB online I could find nothing. The next day I called the BBB and they said they had nothing on this company. I was sent the same information about being scheduled for a company overview as a possible employee which I am suppose to have tomorrow at 11am MT. I called the company to get a legitimate website or any online information about the company and at 1st I got a blurb about Jane Lewis and was immediately transferred over to Jennifers voicemail and I left a message saying that I would like more information so that I could do research and a background check on their company. So that I could make an informed decision about what I was going to do after the overview and I never received a call back. So I googled ARA Staffing and Jane Lewis’s name came up under Ripoff Scams and a red flag went up. I also called the day before and got a recording saying just go back to their email. These people are very persistant but also very vague about any questions you ask about their company and the BBB said if it is an online work at home company just beware and I am.

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Address: 107 Vangreenby Rd 414 Steven St. Lowell, MA 01851 Lowell, Massachusetts United States of America

Website: arastaffing./com

Phone: 888-760-3394

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