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I wanted to try a new company online to order livestock. I found and wanted to give it a try. On February 17, I ordered $616 worth of stuff. After a couple days and I didn’t receive a confirmation of shipping, etc. I called and left a message and also an email. On February 21st, Tom the owner called me and we had a great conversation on his company and the quality of his livestock. I was confident that this could potentially be a great place to order moving forward. He indicated that some of the stuff I ordered was being quarantined and prepped for shipment and he wanted to put some of the fish I ordered together to make sure they were getting along and eating. I was fine with it and thought how great Tom was and really cared. I waited another week and a half and on February 28th, I emailed and left a phone message for Tom to check the status of my order. I didn’t hear back so I waited until March 3rd to reach out again. Finally Tom sends me an email regarding his son and that he was in a serious accident and was in a coma. I felt terrible for the family and wished his family the best and my condolences. Here is the email: “On Mar 3


at 9:26 PM

Order Manager <[email protected]> wrote: Hi Jon – most of the delay has been because of what’s going on with my stepson. I believe I spoke to you about it. Just in case I hadn’t. David is in a coma from a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago. His cerebral pressure is through the roof and he has 2 bleeds in the head. We have been spending almost all of our time at the hospital because he is critical. I did do the test with multiple females and it didn’t go well. Too much fighting. We have been feeding our swimming pets daily and heading back to the hospital. Over the weekend I will see if everything is ready

etc. I will touch base with you next week. I appreciate your patience. As you know we are a very close family business and this has been just so hard on everyone. Tom”” Of course

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