Aquajet showers Inc, Somer, Y T Delaware Review


Aquajet Showers Inc, Somers, NY Mark Warrilown n1-914-533-7257 fax/phonen914-522-8289n914-826-3689n914-826-3691 nPurchased In January 2012 at home show while in a wheel chair,paid for on 4/18/2012 when delivered. I purchased this shower for 9 yr old disabled daughter & myself which I was in a wheel chair when I purchased. Paid electrician & plumber to install per instructions the best they could, DVD was in chinese, written directions are pictures and did NOT match our shower. . Cost is up to $2200.00 so far, shower cost was another $5900.00. Shower is missing parts and still does NOT function. It is very upsetting that they promise to send parts and MONTHS go by and they dont come. Now we get NO return call. All we wanted was this shower to work and pass inspection to get CO on our new home. I have left several phone messages on ALL the phone numbers listed telling Mark the owner I needed to get the shower working to comply with building code. Our inspector gave us a temp CO which has EXPIRED August. 11,2012. I called & left phone messages that my children & I would be homeless and that we needed to comply to get CO. I even left my plumbers phone number, my plumber even called him. His phone message asks NOT to leave a message and to email which I have.nI have called Consumer Affairs in NY & NJ and this company has COMPLAINTS, rated F with BBB, CONSTAR, I also contacted the Attorney General, & home shows to let them know of my exprience with the company. BEWAREnOwner has British accent, told us the shower came from Europe. CONSTAR in CHINA is the maker. I have never been so upset or dissapointed nor did I have $8100.00 to throw away like that.

108 villag square, somers, New York United States of America


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