Aqua Care USA – Aqua Care USA LLC Customer Service is Awful

We had to make a very large deposit based on all the initial sales representative, the measurements and materials, and the contractor. It was a big deal for us to make such a big move for us to add a room onto our house and have a full bathroom installed. We set a date for the start of construction which was really important to us. It was about 2 weeks after the planning and deposits were made. They did not contact us at all the day that they were supposed to start. We gave it a week more and called the company. Each time I was told they would call back. I finally got ahold of our contractor and he said that it was going to be another month before they could start. They were breaching the contract that we signed. There was nothing that we could do about it at the time. A month later they still did not start the working. We have been working on getting our deposit back.

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