April OMadigan Beckman – Fort Collins, Colorado Colorado

April OMadigan Beckman – Fort Collins, Colorado Colorado

Her own admission::: (Photo for reach) I’m in need of help with an exhausting relationship scenario. I’ve been friends with this guy since hs, always thought he was extremely hot, but he’s been with the same girl for like 7 years. Anyway we reconnected recently 4 years out of hs, and realize we both have the hots for each other. I’m not a homewrecker but sometimes ya just gotta bang it out ya know? So we did and we’re still cool. Now that was about a month ago and now his girlfriend (who I’ve also known since hs, sweet gal, not hot and not super smart either) hits me up asking me to draw a portrait of her and her bf (said guy) so she can give it to him for Christmas (for reference I am a portrait artist of many years). Idk how to tell her no without making it seem like I have a guilty reason. Unrelated but still weird: I had a dream last night that the three of us were tiny people and a giant picked the girl up and put her on a sandwich and the guy and I had to work together to save her. Guilt maybe?

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