April Jennings has cheated on her husband multiple times. He says oh I’m sure it won’t be the last time, she’s done it before! She will start seeing any guy, bring them around her kids while her husband is at work. She will even bring them to her house and then tell them they need to leave, so her husband doesn’t catch them there. Told a guy that her husband doesn’t live there, he just comes to see the kids all the time, but all of his stuff is there. Wants you to feel bad cause she supposedly has to work 2 jobs when her husband works a Damn good one!!!! Thats to cover for the time her husband is home. Then when he does come home from working 10 hour shifts will make am excuse to leave the house. She will be gone for 1-2 hours so she can meet with her side piece. Then go home to her husband to fuk him. She’s trash and always has been!! Then when her husband is close to catching her with her side piece she will distance her side piece and tell them she has mental issues she needs to deal with and to leave her be for awhile. Then a couple days later after her husband thinks they are doing good again she goes back to fuking her side piece!! Watch out ladies amd gentlemen she fuks with anyone that will give her attention!! She manipulates and lies 100%. Will say her and her husband aren’t together, when actually they are, and have been “working on things”!!!! According to her husband its not the first time she’s done this.

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By Ronald

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