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My Meile Dishwasher failed so I called the Appliance Guys in to take a look on Feb. 25,2016. They claim to have an $80.00 fixed charge to diagnose the problem which they then waive once they do the repair. I pulled the machine, I downloaded the erroe codes and had to book a day off work to be ready for the service call. The representative representative plugged it in, took a look and told me he had to ‘service the machine’ in order to fix the problem which would cost $320.00 – plus tax. I fell for it as it was an expensive machine and not too old. He worked on it for about an hour, freed up the impeller on the circulation pump with a screw driver (I watched him), left it cycling and told me it would likely need a new impeller motor which he would get me a quote on right away. He left and the machine failed approximately tem minutes later. I pulled the machine again and had it sitting in my kitchen waiting for the repair. After almost a week of not hearing back I called and was told to file an online warranty form with the problem. I have since exchanged half a dozen emails with them, they claim ther are still working on a quote – I phoned Meile myself and had a part quote within five minutes! I have since replaced the machine as I determined the cost of the parts made it not worth fixing. It is now March 21, 2016, I am out $360.00 to the appliance guys which I wish I had never spent. Their $80.00 service fee is a scam, their fees are outrageous and they simply lie on the phone to get you to go away. It worked with me, they got their money and I took care of the problem myself, don’t fall for it like I did!

300 Connie Cres. Unit B Concord, Ontario Canada



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By Ronald

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