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Complaint: On February 8, 2001 we purchased a used 2000 Toyota Siena Van with 32340 miles. Less han a month went by and we noticed black smoke coming out the exhaust and it smelled very very bad. I took it to a different Toyota Certifide dealer for a diagnosis. Told there was sludge in the oil pan with less tahn 1000 miles on the vehicle since purchase. It would need a new transmission and was not safe to drive across town 7 miles to the dealership it was purchased at. I called the dealer we purchased the van from requesting they come pick up the rig and that they give me a loaner vehicle until we could resolve the problem. I was told, NO. My husband & I then drove the rig across town and asked the dealership to stand behind the vehicle and give us our money back so we could purchase a van somewhere else. We were once again told, NO. They would take the rig back as a trade-in and sell us something else on the lot. Four hours later after many heated comments we ended up driving away with a Camry. If I had wanted another camry I would not have traded my original camry for the van in the first place. They wanted us to buy a more expensive rig. We felt like they were trying to bait and switch us. Dan & Maree Spoakne, Washington

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Address: 8600 W Sprague Spokane, Washington U.S.A.


Phone: 509-924-1444

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