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Complaint: Last Friday (5/24/2009) I tried to eat at Applebees. I ordered a sirloin with a baked potatoe. While I am eating my potatoe I felt something foriegn in my mouth. It was a white plastic shard! I showed my waitress and I asked to speak to a manager. About 10 minutes later the waitress gave me a new potatoe. I told the waitress I am not eating anything until I speak with your manager. The waitress told me that Shawny (the manager) said ” I do not want to deal with that table you handle it””. Eventually the manager came to the table. She smelled like she had been drinking. She took my plate with the sirloin and potatoe. I thought she was going to bring a new entree out but she never did! Now everybody at my table is finish with their dinner so I am ready to go. They charged me for the sirloin I never ate. I told the waitress and she said she would have the manager take it off the check. The manager came back to the table and told me she would not charge me for the bake potatoe! I reminded the manager she had removed my plate. She told me I will have to pay for the meal or she will call the police! I asked her for a corporate phone number she replied “” I am not allowed to give that number out “”. I asked her for the name and number of her supervisor she said”” I am the supervisor””. Bottom line

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Address: I had to pay for food I did not eat . Tammy saint augustine


Phone: FloridaU.S.A.”

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