This is the most unprofessional "company" and I use the term loosely that I have ever encountered. I had someone stating their name was Victoria text me regarding a consultation for the company. I was at work at the time and could not set it up immediately so she proceeded to text me in a way that a snotty teenage girl would text as if I hadn’t paid my money she was trying to be sarcastic using LOL and such which I deem as totally unprofessional stating to me thanks for the money you paid . I also encountered a gentleman by the name of Chris which I believe is the owner when I called which in the background yelled out profanities even including some in regards to my mother. I ask what type of company does that. I would not deal with these people the only thing you are able to put on your site is old stuff who wants a Iphone 6 when there is a 10 and there was no way to get anything higher than a 6 on the site, but besides that companies are built on integrity and unfortunately these people have none. Don’t waste your time run from these people.



Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Cicero


Phone: 888-793-3429


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