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API Recovery Solutions Scamming People out of money claiming garnishment and court Nationwide AGAIN!! Got a phone call from a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) named Kevin Knight, he told me that he was calling to collect for a pay-day load I had back in California and that the company wanted all of their money now or was planning to take me to court back in Los Angeles. | After a brief discussion with him on how costly it would be for me to trek back to Los Angeles to handle a court date I decided to try to work with him on a payment plan, he ran several number past me including a huge one, he had all the details of the collections from this company in California and that led me to believe that he/they were on the up and UP! So after some number crunching and longer discussion he put me on hold and “contacted” the account manager for this company back in LA, and when he came back on line he said that they settled on a number but I have to make bimonthly payments and that they need my ATM card info to do so and that they would provide me with a letter of agreeance from their company with the payment info and account number. So 30 days went by and they took two payments out of my bank for no more than $450.00 but when the time came to make the 3rd payment something said to look into this closer as it did not “feel right” … upon calling the original company I had the loan with they said that they have no contract or service with API in any manner and never herd of them so I contacted the Better Business Bureau in Scranton PA and they advised me that this was a “scam” and to contact my bank right away and the local police to file a report. I contacted my bank and they canceled my ATM card and had me come in and file a report with their fraud division. | The bank was unbelievable in helping me out and getting back the money I paid to API within 24 hours along with the ISF charges I got because of them charging my card without the proper authorization. I got a new ATM card and all the finances taken care of. (Love People Security Bank). NOT DONE – Just last week I got a call at the house from a gentleman named “Steve” asking about a problem with the bank card they had/have on file and it not working, I let the call go and did not bother with them, and last week Friday 5/6/16 I got a call again at the house and they left a voice mail – “Hey Mark, this is Robert Goldstein from API Recovery and we are having a problem with your bank card, if you can call me back at 844-820-5020 ext. 235 that would be great, thanks” and the weird thing is that the number on the caller ID on my phone was 570-309-0001 and that’s a cell phone number … go figure. Needless to say just be aware of these kinds of call and when in doubt “Check-It-Out”.


Name: API Recovery Solutions

Country: United States

State: Minnesota

City: Kanabec County


Phone: 855-590-5354

Website: apirecoverysolutions.com/

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