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I got a call on September 16th, 2016. From Apex National Services stating that they were a investigation location firm. They said I owed money on a payday loan from 2010, an the origional loan was for $350 but with interest and late fees it was now over $800, an their client agreed to a settlement amount. They had my full name, social security number, everything…They had me scared an I agreed to the payment arrangement. I paid $100 upfront and did a payment arrangement for the balance. They had me in tears, I never been in trouble before and didn’t want to be arrested or an officer serve me at my home or work. I went to my bank and they informed me that it sounded like I was scammed. I called the number back that Mrs. Sandy called me on and she couldn’t verify the bank the loan was sent to but gave an account number, said the loan was taken out Dec 2010 and I lived in a Nh address..which I did not at that time. I hadn’t lived in Nh since 1999. I did go home for 3 months to visit in 2005, but actually lived in Georgia. She sent me an email for me to e-sign that I agree to the payments. When my bank looked up the company, it’s been flagged as a scam, and the processing company doesn’t even show online. I also asked her to send me everything she has on me..the paperwork that shows where the money was sent …where I signed the loan documents..etc…she said " I can’t do that, we only have certain info on the clients to track them down…She then threaten me with a court hearing and I will have to pay over $5,000 if I don’t stay to the agreement…I told her see you in court…she hung up

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By Ronald

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