AP Electric & Generators, LLC. Review


Live in FLorida after last years hurricane season I decided to buy a generator. Loss power for 5 days caused me to empty both fridge & freezer into a dumspter costing hundreds of dollars of food. I decided to be better prepared for 2018 & decided to | purchase a generator. I know nothing about generators. Unfortunately I called AP Electric & Generators after finding their site online. Called customer service which was billed as skilled, knowledge with great support. Explain to the rep I knew nothing | about generators & needed help in choosing the right one. Explained I was 68 lived alone needed something strong enough to keep refridgeration running wasnt really concerned about other things running. | He suggested a Westinghouse 3600 for $379.00 it was on sale! Told him I was concerned about starting it. He asked if I could start a lawn mower I said yes he said I wouldn’t have a problem. I purchased the generator he recommended. When I received | the generator I left it in my garage since hurricane season was closing. Didn’t open the box at all. On May 4,2018 my handiman was at my home we unpacked the generator since june 1st starts hurricane & wanted to be prepared. Once he saw it he told me | it wasn’t what I needed they sold me a generator that was useless for my needs. Pull was at a angle insteadof being straight outmaking starting it very difficult. He had me dry pull it to see what he meant by it wasn’t the one for my needs. He was right | suggested I call them request to return it and in turn purchase a electric start generator from them at a higher cost. I called the same day was told the owner Chris had left for the day and to call Monday & ask for Chris. | Contacted them following Monday. I have NEVER dealt with a more rude nasty condescending argumentative customer service rep in all the time I’ve dealt with on line companies! refused to let me speak to anyone BUT him told me all they would do is take it back I’d have to pay shipping plus a rsstock fee of 20%. | Explained I could’t afford that & planned on getting a higher priced generator from them. Explained I bought it with their advice since I didn’t know what to buy. He couldn’t understand why I didn’t use the generator explained, didn’t matter Same item still listed for same “sale” price. If I did what he wanted I would have a credit of $103 & lose $276.00! He blamed me for the | purchase stated he had a recording of the phone call made the day I purchased it basically calling me a liar! When I asked for the tape he put me on hold came back & said he was too busy to find it! He Never emailed it to me as he said he would he lied! Called back next day told me I must have changed my cell number had same number for 20 years! | Found they don’t record lied impression this is a rinky d**k company a two or three man company working out of rented storage building. I would NEVER recomend this company buy locally horrible company horrible customer service. They have no respect nor concern for their customers! I now have to try & sell this thing to afford to buy a suitable generator. This company employs liars part of their job description I’m sure!


Name: AP Electric & Generators, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Wisconsin

City: Pleasant Prairie

Address: 8401 102nd Street Suite 200

Phone: (847) 516-8882

Website: apelectric.com/

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