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We purchased a Trafalgar “imperial highlight”” tour to Europe on April 8-16

2016 from AAA. Per Trafalgar we are required to acquire travel insurance as requirement of Czech Republic. We complied and Trafalgar offered AON travel insurance. While in Vienna Austria

my wife’s purse which contains her heart medicine including all our cash and bank credit cards were stolen inside the Trafalgar bus. We reported the incident to the tour guide and an incident report was filed. We also called AAA travel department. The AAA agent gave us the AON claims department. AON provide doctors to contact in Salsburg

our next city destination. My wife asked if they will pay for our new flight and cash lost even if we get her heart medicine because she is not 100% well and it took her primary physician several tries to find the perfect prescription drug for her heart problem. AON replied they will.We then authorized AAA agent to re-book us for an earlier flight. When we arrived at Salsburg

my wife called the doctor’s office and nobody was answering. The tour director and local guide took us to a local pharmacy and was able to get a medicine. When we arrived in U.S. we filed a claim and sent them copies of driver’s license returned by U.S. embassy when the Austrian police found them. Jennifer L. Rey of AON refused our claim saying we do not have a doctors certification from Austria. The problem is that they provided a doctors office but nobody answers the phone. AON asked us to get my wife’s doctor’s certification which we did stating my wife’s heart history and prescribed medicine for life. My AAA travel agent prepared all required documentation. AON still refused our claim. Further discussion with my travel agent

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