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The first time I went in there they told me there was a three month trial of the gym for 90 dollars and a week trial for free. I got the week and decided to go for the three month the next time I went in. This time the manager Jason gaslighted me and acted like I was crazy for thinking a three month trial for 90 even existed. He told me I could sign up for a membership and pay by the month and then cancel whenever I wanted 30 days in advance. I agreed. I got two free sessions with the personal trainer and then we discussed getting started. I immediately noticed the workouts he was giving me to do weren’t very challenging and that he wasn’t very invested in me losing weight or getting in shape. Still I felt like I should give him a try and so we both decided that I was gonna sign up for a jumpstart because it would give me a chance to see what it was like working with him. | I said I needed to put money on my card and we scheduled an appointment to come back and I would pay. When I came back he got angry with me that I wasn’t there to sign up for 220 a month for 6 months. 1.) I was there to sign up for the trial only and we talked about it?? 2.) 220 every 3 sessions seriously (the gym I’m at now I get 16 sessions for that price) He said very rudely to me, “What, you thought it was 220 for six months?” Uh, no? I thought I was going to sign up for the trial! So I sign up for the trial of 3 sessions and I had to cancel one because I had something to do that day and I was told the trainer would get back in contact with me. | He never did and wouldn’t respond to me when I called. So I paid 99 dollars for 1 session..After this I wanted to cancel of course because I realized these people are nothing but high pressure salesmen and con artists. I write a note that I want to cancel a month from now and Jason tells me (rudely and condescendingly) I’m in a contract for 2 years and can’t cancel. Um, WHAT???? Worst gym I have ever been to. Prices are outrageous, the people are rude liers who do nothing but try to scam you out of your money with no care whatsoever on getting you in shape. I felt lied to and treated like I was crazy and less than human because I’m overweight. DON’T GO TO THIS GYM.

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