antonio derrico Washington Dist of Columbia


Complaint: I was walking on the street when suddenly there’s a well-dressed man in the car asking me for the way to Dullus International Airport. It was strange enough because I can see that he’s network it LTE, which means he can use his own phone to search for ways to the airport. But I did it anyway. After a small chat, he gives me the clothes he brought on the car, saying that he’s giving away because of the extra luggage fee. He said his name is Antonio and he works for the Georgio Armani company. He’s here for the DC fashion week and gambled all night and lost $5000+. Then he’s asking if I can pay for his rental car since he’s credit card got declined. I hesitated. Then he started to beg me, saying that he’s going to be detained in America and he got two children back home. I agreed to give him $1600 in cash. He thanked me and drove away. After I got home I checked the Armani clothes he gave to me. It is the fakest Armani I can ever see. Never again.

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Address: Whitehurst Fwy NW Washington, Dist of Columbia USA



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