Antoinette Toni Smith Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


This bat crazy old crow was friends with me/my boyfriends roommates. She began by doing us favors, when we needed a ride somewhere and so on. Sharing conversation. Then she goes one step further allowing my boyfriend to borrow her car (um, in which he picked me up in clueless old cow) and doing various errands for my guy. Yup, he had her thirsty self giving him money and doing whatever he and I needed. I thought she was just a lonely, nice old lady until she began texted him some lame desperate crap and I started putting 2 + 2 together. || The funniest part was when I read her texts where she was clearly stalking him and said she was at their meeting place crying her eyes out!!!! The pathetic wench claimed they were only friends with benefits but I was the only one laughing when I dumped him and she was a wreck over him leaving her alone! HA HA looks like it doesn’t pay to play a game you end up sorely losing. Oh and for the record, she steals from her family and they both smoked crack together which was the only way he was touching this much older fugly pos.

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By Ronald

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