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Anthony Monfet offered on FREE CONSULTING during Q4 2018 , for AMAZON sellers. He also offered his services of buying products for me from his so-called vetted suppliers in china and import them to the USA. | He asked me to transfer a payment for this purchase and for the customs clearance. Anthony Monfet manipulated me in a way that I paid twice for the same service (by wire transfer). (He told some imaginary lies about not getting the first wire transfer I made, and asked to send the money again). | He NEVER SENT ME RECEIPTS OR TAX INVOICES for any of these transfers. I HAVE NEVER GOT ANY SERVICE from him either. I DID NOT GET THE PRODUCTS he promised he ordered from China, I DID NOT GET EVEN 1 HOUR OF CONSULTING. | Once he received the money, HE HAS CUT OFF CONTACT. He does not answer email or phone. He does not respond to my request for a full refund. BEWARE – as part of his “FREE CONSULTING” he asks Amazon sellers to grant him access to their AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT. Once he gets this access he’s got all the information about your brand, the products you sell, the inventory etc. | This man is a SERIAL SCAMMER. Think twice if you want to grant him access to your account !!! He’s been doing these scams since 2016, then it was under the name of his company FBA IMPORTERS. | This company does not exist anymore. I wonder why. He tends to respond to complaints by presenting the complainant as insane or someone that is bothering him. DON’T BELIEVE HIM.


Name: Anthony Monfet

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Huntsville




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By Ronald

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