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The subject of my complaint actually wrote a contract entailing the landscaping services he was going to provide, including “… trimming [encroaching] tree limbs removing all large [boatnical] debris on property; cleaning roof, down-spouts…”. For these services he was to receive $200 up front and an additional $400 upon completion of the work. He did no work on that day.The next day [5 April 2016] he returned and asked for another $200, which he was given. Again he did no work. The following day he returned to ask for another $200, which, shame on me, he was given. He did no work. He returned once more the next day and collected $100. This time he swept the leaves off the garage roof. He has not returned to attempt to collect the remaining $100, or, needless to say, do any work.


Name: Anthony Marsh

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Knoxville

Address: 1722 Massachusetts Avenue

Phone: 865-675-1992


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By Ronald

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