Anthony Frank Wood Works Review


Where do I begin… Anthony’s website touts that they deliver clean, screened hardwood at competitive prices. The price of his wood was reasonable at $200 delivered; the quality, not so much. Of the full cord that I purchased, I received 2 face cords worth of 14″-16″ length, 1/2 face cord of sub 12″ pieces, about a full pick-up truck worth of large unstackable chunks ranging from 6″ to 10″, some large unsplit 16″ logs and three full 33 gallon garbage bins worth of bark and splintered scraps (what happened to the screened material?). While stacking the wood, I mentioned to him that I was unhappy with the delivery and he promptly replied with snarky remarks and photos of clean, properly sized split hardwood. Since I hadn’t paid him yet, I made sure that he came back to my house to pick up his waste and unusable wood. Sorry for the next guy who receives this junk but I just couldn’t keep it at my house. There are too many other shops out there to be burdened with this guy. Good luck to all who use him.


Name: Anthony Frank Wood Works

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Bloomfield

Address: P.O. Box 2355

Phone: 973-715-3394


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By Ronald

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