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I met the man I am currently with in the end of 2012. We became best friends and it stayed that way until around June 2013. He was married to this women Annie for less than 6 months before she took off and nobody heard from her. She was gone a little over a year before we decided to start a relationship. He had already filed for his divorce but with her being gone and not being able to find her the lawyer said it would take longer for her to be located ect. Well finally she was found and the process was close to being finished when she up and disappeared again. Finally the judge granted the divorce without her signing the form due to posts that were posted onto facebook. About he would be stuck with her forever because she wouldn’t sign the papers. And also bragging on her sexual conquests. And thats when a supposed to be friend of his came forward and told us that he had been sleeping with her since they pretty much got married. || Well we are now engaged and we are having a baby that is due early next year. She makes it to a point to look up his number to get in contact with him. She has even called me in the middle of the night when he is working out of town to tell me he is with her. Of course I don’t believe it because a few times she has done this and he is sitting beside me. She sent nude pictures of herself to our phone and pictures of her and her daughter. Now she is going to all of his family members that are men and trying to sleep with them and even more of his friends. She is on crystal meth really bad so the first time she came to our house I didn’t realize who she was. She stood on my porch and told me how she was pregnant and how it was my fiances baby when he has put restraining orders on her and has had no contact with her. She showed me a picture of HER ultrasound and while looking at it I realized it was my ultrasound picture she had tried to crop my name off of it. She had went to his mothers house to drop something off and took the picture off of her shelf. She had followed me and took a picture of me hugging my older brother and passed it around to his family that I hardly knew to make them think I was cheating on him. She has even tried to sleep with my brother who is married with a son and a baby on the way. She will willing tell people she cannot be single and she has to have sex she can’t go without it and will get her way one way or another.

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By Ronald

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