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In February or March of this year Annette Marie Burris contacted my husband on LinkedIn (a site that is supposed to be for professional contacts) and started to compliment him, saying how cute he is and that she’s attracted to law enforcement. He told her he was married, but she responded that she was too and gave him her number. They began a text and phone affair that went on for about a month before he checked himself and ended things with her because he felt wrong about it and knew he had gone way too far. But, because he is not very technologically savvy, I found photo evidence of the affair an he came clean about all of it. He told me she’s 40 years old (he’s 27, btw) and has a teenaged daughter and lives in the Statesville, NC area. She’s married although she says that the relationship is basically over. A little over a week ago I caught him texting with her again. The messages were extremely explicit and included photos. He broke down and confessed that they had been in contact again for a week or so. He has had a problem with pornography in the past and said that the allure was that she was like interactive pornography. (basically you say the right thing and you get a reward… ) Obviously, I’m devastated. || We have a daughter and a life together that I thought I’d have to be walking away from. He called her right there while I was sitting there and ended it with her, deleted her contact, handed over his phone. We decided to try to work things out. No excuses for a cheater, but he had been dealing with enormous stress at work and had just received devastating news about cancer in a close family member right before she contacted him. That along with untreated depression contributed to his epically poor decision making. The thing is, now this thirsty (you know what) won’t stop trying to get in touch with him. She’s gone so far as to search for his work number and try to call him there yesterday and today he missed a call on his car phone and only his mother and I have that number aside from her. He’s done with her, and he has told her so more than once. She needs to be stopped because although we’ve decided to try to rebuild, each time she butts her disgusting self into our life, it hurts and angers me all over again.

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By Ronald

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