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I’m afraid there’s not much to say about this one. You’re average everyday misinformed, ignorant easy score. I’ve known her for years and happened to run into her through a mutual friend. Thanks to Facebook she contacted me several times to ask for a ride. I obliged a couple times as I know how it can be sometimes. Quickly realizing her inconsiderate abuse of my kindness I politely informed her that I would no longer provide such convenience and I for personal reasons did not wish to continue any further communications. A few months later I did her in my husband’s inbox starting after her and I had parted ways. Her poor me this and misfortune with that and why me blah blah blah … My understanding nature collected myself and kindly informed her of how inappropriate her actions were not only because he’s my husband but even more so because she doesn’t even know him. I included the contract information to several mental health and drug rehabilitation facilities. She responded some dumb excuse and messaged my husband of how I think there’s something going on between them. In an aggressive tone I corrected her that I never said anything of falsely accusing a sexual involvement and reiterated my complaint. This apparently led her to believe she now has to sleep with my husband by any means necessary. After three years of sparatic communications she finally slept with my husband. Followed by her 30+ text, pleas, and pathetic begging for him to see her again over the next two days to go ignored. I did not excuse my husband of his inappropriate involvement in this.

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By Ronald

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