Anne Ferrell AKA Anna Bella – Brooklyn, New York New York


This is a warning for All married women of Brooklyn, all surrounding neighborhoods and boroughs.This is one low life slime ball you all need to be well aware of.She has zero respect and zero morals when it comes to boundries, respect, common decency and dignity. The word Married, Committed and Taken are nonexistent in her vocabulary. She honestly thought the married man she was carrying on with was going to leave his wife of 25 years… Together for years 36, 4 kids, his home and the long history they share together FOR HER lmao…. She had the nerve to show up at his house to confront his wife because he was cheating herrrr, with her best friend (a masculine, muscular he/she ) who looks like the dam hulk, imagine that one. She also posted flyers all over the neighborhoods about the man who did HER wrong, seriously how dumb, pathetic and low do they come? Then friended the mans sick cancer survivors mother in law on Fb and proceeded to tell her of her sleezy wrong doing like she was justified. This is one ugly, sick, twisted monstrosity that All decent, honest, respectable ladies need to be aware of. She should try spending half her time and energy she has used on trying so dam hard to ruin something that was never truly hers on her 8 year old son. Please feel free to comment. All of us honest, loyal women need to stick together, take charge, and fight back to make sure this world we live in is a much better place without low life trolls like ANNE FERRELL…

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By Ronald

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