Annabella Nicolena Troiano – Lancaster, Ohio Ohio


I was married for 10 years to the person who I thought was the “love of my life” who I made the center of my world and my life…Yes, we had our challenges, but we managed to get through them… Until this home-wreaking nasty thing came after my husband. She thinks she is a Flirt who loves attention, and can have any man she wants… So ladies be-careful with you men. And, she is the reason that we are divorced now, and broke up our family. Also, mind you, she is and was engaged (with her supposedly high school/college sweetheart) when she was sleeping with my husband, and is actually scheduled to get married, next month (Oct). I feel so sorry for her fiance because he has no clue about her cheating ways and that she is a lier, nasty cheating piece of work, and once a cheater-Always a Cheater. She will continue to cheat… My purpose of posting is this is to make everyone aware of lil Miss “Bella’s” true nature. She is a home-wrecker and Karma eventually comes around “full-circle”.

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By Ronald

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