Anna Zamora Zermeno Chicago, Illinois Illinois


The home wreckers name is Anna Zamora Zermeno.First I would like everyone to know I hold my husband accountable and have filed for divorce. I deserve better than to be sharing my husband with a ugly low self esteem side piece. || I recently found emails that my husband and his whore exchanged.He ended the relationship but it doesn’t change the fact that he cheated with her for years. This woman was settling to be his side piece she knew all about me and that we have a family. To make a long story short my disgusting husband had a long term affair with this bitch and didn’t think about our marriage or our family. || Anna Zamora Zermeno get some self respect and self esteem and sleep with single men. That’s why I’m exposing this side piece because she knew he was married and had no problem sleeping with him for years. She even wanted him to go on a vacation with her.I don’t understand why these women can’t find a single man to sleep with and settle to be a side piece. It’s pathetic to be that much of a whore that you need to get fucked that bad that you sleep with a married man. || Anna I have your emails to my husband you knew he was married. You pathetic bitch someone will break your heart as you have broken my family. The pathetic thing is I left him and is he with her ?no!!

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By Ronald

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