Anna Burr Blake – Dallas, Texas Texas


So one day I am going through my phone records and stumble across a number that’s on there multiple times. So I ask my boyfriend about it and he says its some girl from work named Anna. So I asked him why he is talking to this slut and he claims that they are just friends. Which I know is a lie. So I call this tramp and she has the nerve to laugh in my face so I told her she needs to leave him alone or I was coming up there to kick her ass and get both of them fired from their jobs. So a few weeks later I realized that this slut is still sending him messages calling him babe and telling him that she loves him so I confront him again and he tells me that he is still talking to this slut. to make matter worse he has been taking this slut to lunch and that they have been sleeping together. Not only have they been sleeping together they do it while they are at work on the clock. This nasty slut has two kids and a husband but she it at work having sex with my boyfriend. Then to make matter worse someone at work has seen them and decided to send me a message on Facebook to let me know. Lets she if she is still laughing after all her dirty secrets are exposed and her husband finds out that kind of slut she really is.

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By Ronald

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