Anji Kunt Phillips – Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


Anji k Phillips is a very selfish and self serving person. She likes to tell stories to impress her friends and saying hateful things behind the backs of others is how Anji makes herself look good. Even those she calls her best freinds are the butts of her snide jokes. Calling her best friend Sue a”fat cow who looked ridiculous in the Barbie dress” or calling her friend Kendall an aborigine , she mocks her other friend Tina’s husband by making jokes about”guarding the perimeter”suggesting hie is a wack job living in a religious compound. But she also liked to take pot shots at her husband behind his back. Insulting him and trying to humiliate him. Then all cutesy lovey to his face. She then carries on an affair with her husbands employee spending thousands of dollars taking him on secret trips, introducing him to her freinds Sue the cow Kendal the aborigine as her boyfriend. Parading around Las Vegas like a dog in heat. Then doing everything possible to destroy her husband all at the expense of her children. The most hypocritical thing about Anji K. Phillips is that she tells people her life is about children that she cares about them and as director if TCC in Bsttle Creek Michigan she is supposedly trusted with looking out for at risk kids. || I chuckle to think how she conned her way into the position using false credentials claiming a MSW that she never received. Mthe again she didn’t think twice about moving her boyfriend from California to Michigan and destroying her husbands company by embezzling funds for her lavish vacations to Mexico, Scotland and France spending money using her husbands companies checks and credit cards. Anji insists that she believes being divorced and promiscuous is better for her children than remaining in a commited marriage. She insisted that the kids would see her giddiness of carrying on an affair with her trailer trash boyfriend and would rejoice in her happiness. Can you imagine that she actually tried to convince me of such? || Sooner or later she will lose track of the lies she told and it will catch up to her. I suppose the self promotion pretending to be something she is not and victim playing has taken a toll on her physically and emotionally. She has acquired deepening wrinkles, thinning hair (even with fake extensions) but the sagging face with the cross-eyed tired and soulless eyes are far more telling than her fabricated stories. God bless her she needs it.

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By Ronald

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