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The Ex-Husband’s Exposure || It all started in 2009, I thought I met the man of my dreams. We fell in love fairly quickly, too quick if you were to ask me now. I was a MP on FT. Campbell and he was a DoD – Department of the Army Civilian Police, actually still is. Everything was going fine, I deployed and things were hard but we made it through. But when I returned, things seemed to be different. We argued more and he told me stories about his”crazy” ex-wife and ex-girlfriend. He told me that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him while he went to school/training in another state and upon his return she was pregnant. Well, she ordered a DNA test and guess what, it came back Positive that the baby was his! Well, I figured she’s still crazy and it does take two. And I encouraged him to take care of his son. He never cared too. Oh, and his crazy ex-wife yea, they have a daughter. || Anyways, he tried giving me stuff that was either one of theirs. I told him to throw it all out, I don’t want any of it. Some of it was brand new, and I later found out when he”bought it for me” it was just off to the side until I wasn’t thinking it could have been either of theirs. We started fighting more, and I started to go to counseling because he was being verbally abusive! He even started to get physical until I threatened to tell my Chain of Command and his supervisors. || Then it came down to January of 2012, I was on orders to be stationed in South Korea, again. We discussed the terms and what would happen if we both went, and it would be a 2 year tour if we both went but I requested to return back to Ft Campbell after spending one year in Korea (I tried getting out of it but that just wasn’t happening). February went by alright, it just seemed weird that I couldn’t get him on the phone, FaceTime or Skype for very long, even considering the time difference. We started fighting more, and one day I got a message from one of my friends, and a co-worker of his asking if we divorced because of the Army or something because as she was walking out of the Golden Corral in town she saw him holding hands with a dark haired older looking woman, and as she said his name to say hi, he let go real quick and moved her along faster towards the door and said that he was meeting some coworkers for dinner. She thought that was strange because she was one of the coworkers that meets up in this group. She also asked his best friend and old coworker of both of ours. (Since we worked together) and he knew nothing about it so he turned around and asked me the same thing. I tried brushing it off like it was a misunderstanding. Finally, enough people questioned me about it and when I confronted him he started asking if I was cheating on him. So, again, I tried brushing it off that it was just stupid Army rumors going around because we first got married I was told all he wanted me for was the money – I didn’t think I had any so again… brushed it off then. || Finally, there were more stories lying around that people saw a woman with dark hair either in my truck or driving my truck. Mind you, I am blonde. Also, since I knew the gate guards well I started hearing that my truck was being driven on post by a female. None of this I could prove. I even saw a woman message his Facebook wall saying” Ill will see you tomorrow SIR,” I started to see on the joint checking account all these transactions that secured these stories – dates that matched with Gold Corral, Etc. In April I told him that I wanted us to work things out, go to counseling etc anything that we could do. At one point he told me that I was the only one that needed counseling. So, come May, after I couldn’t get him on the phone but maybe once a week and mind you, this was nearing our 3rd year anniversary since we got married. I changed my accounts and just started sending him money for the bills. On May 16th, our anniversary – I couldn’t get a hold of him at all. I ended up seeing a transaction for Outback and it sure wasn’t for 1 person. Later he told me if was for our roommate, which was a female that he was living with before I knew him and she and him financed the house together (at the time she was dating someone… and nothing seemed weird between them. Later found out that she had a crush on him but he had nothing to do with her in that manner… still believe this because hate to say it but he’s very superficial. || Finally came the day when I was to return from Korea, however – I was put on orders then to report to Hawaii… Where I still am stationed now. I was on leave and came to the house to gather some of my things and my dog. He met me outside with my dog but wouldn’t allow me to go in the house to gather anything and said I can wait for the Army Transportation to gather it up and move it. During this time, i saw a Dark haired woman upstairs watching the whole thing. || A couple days later I return and call the cops to gather my things, and she was getting in the driver seat of my truck that he then wouldn’t allow me to get either so I had to get a renter car during my time of leave. Luckily the Cops made it there first and he started saying that I was harassing him and she said that I was stalking them and HER CHILD. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW SHE HAD A KID. He told the cops that I moved out the year prior in 2011, I had to show proof to the cops on my drivers license it still has that address that I was military and I didn’t move out, never had the chance because I was on military orders. The cop in front of her, looked at me and asked well why didn’t I come back and I pointed at her… Really – Hunny, Im home and lay in bed between them both…. MAN I SHOULD HAVE! || Finally, after calling the cops supervisor the cop let me in the house. He and SHE kept trying to say all my stuff was in the garage. No, bitch! I still had my grandma pearls in my part of the closet. She had my purse that I left behind thinking I was going to come home to my husband) and clothes even down to my CORSET! Are you kidding me. Every time I picked up something she tried telling me that was her and that he gave it to her. I had to explain to her that it was mine and not his to give and how low could someone get to use his WIFES stuff. So not only did she out me of my husband but she tried putting me of my clothes, purses, jewelry and god knows what else. || When I went to open what used to me a spare room she (and the roommate said) thats now a bedroom and that I was not allowed in there. thats where I found most of my stuff in her daughters closet cause you bet her ass I still went in. I had to get other stuff court ordered! I.E. My dead grandmother’s pearls. || Tis stupid cunt even showed up to court, wrapped around his arm. He put a restraining order against me and told the judge that I threatened to kill him, that I was stalking him and waiting at the child’s bus stop not once did he mention his girlfriend (cause we were still married) and the judge ended up laughing at him cause I told the judge, yea i drove by the house on several occasions. No, I didn’t know where the bus stop was unless it was right in front of the house. Oh, and that my elderly neighbors told me that she had moved in in MARCH of 2012. Yes, I went to Korea in JANUARY and she was moved in by MARCH! Seriously!? So the judge told him that he does not grant the RTO because he feels that just cause I said that I wanted him dead (which i did say that and if it were to happen now I wouldn’t care – but I would show up to the funeral wearing bright colors… maybe) LOL But the judge felt that I was just gathering information against him on MY divorce! || Something else I forgot to mention – as he told the judge that I was not paying him enough money and that he was broke (I paid him almost $10k more than what I was required to by the army, and paid over $5k on TWO different lawyers so I went broke myself) The house was redone, there was a NEW entertainment center. There was a large (about 5 1/2 ft tall by 3ft wide 3ft long gun safe, just about new everything… the kid room were repainted from what I painted (because I redid the shoe house.) except for the kitchen and the living room (walls of the living room is pictured in one of the pictures where she took a selfie) but he was broke and couldn’t pay his bills. BULL SHIT MOTHER F**KER! || Oh, and mind you – We bought a fishing boat for ourselves when we got married. I also still had a life jacket that my dead mom gave me before she passed away and the bitch is wearing it in the picture. This chick can’t stoop any lower! She not only steals your husband when y’all are vulnerable and arguing but she steals your stuff too! Did I also tell you, that she can be YOUR KIDS TEACHER? She’s a teacher at one of he middle schools on Fort Campbell for Special Ed. This home wrecking piece of dog shit wanna be cougar is a low life no good for nothing whore! I am happy for him though, he may have found someone that perfect for him. He wants to reuse his ex-wives and ex-girlfriend things to show his appreciation and love, well she eats it up. Oh, and I am friends with his ex-wife (the one before me) now.. and I was able to get some of her things back as the whore tried proclaiming it was hers, but the other ex-wife already told me things that THOMAS KEYS i.e. TOMMY KEYS wouldn’t let her have back. Oh, and yea – remember – he’s”protecting” your safety – probably scrumming through looking for other females that he can get money off of and”show his love” to while pulling over women on Fort Campbell for”speeding”…. || DONT TRUST THESE TWO! || (Oh, and the first pic of her. She is wearing the BODYGLOVE LIFEVEST my MOM BOUGHT ME for a trip just before she passed. Tom wouldn’t let me have it back…”cause I didn’t need it” She apparently did…”>

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