Anissa Hines – Once a cheater, always a cheater Oklahoma


This 2 bit skank, who is also married, started making moves on my husband, pretending to be my friend. She has cheated on her husband many times prior to our moving here for my husband’s job. Her husband is a retired cop (due to illness and becoming disabled). My husband is a cop, has had the chief fired so he could move up in that spot. Around Thanksgiving my husband started acting wierd, staying out all night until 4-9am and sleeping on the couch. He kept his phone on him 24/7, making sure I couldn’t see who the text was from, eventually put it on silent. Three days before Christmas I told him that kids at school was picking on my daughter about my husband and Anissa running away together. He laughed in my face, started an arguement and eventually yelled that he wasn’t fuking everyone, just one. Then got on his Facebook, posted that he was with someone else and changed his status to separated. After Christmas she changed hers to separated as well. But I don’t think her husband knows. He just got his disability check backpay, she went around blowing it and now taking my husband. The pos has a litter of kids, a nasty home. He is throwing a nice home and a wife that would do anything for him, for this??? Wtf??? Neither one is going to stay faithful for very long. We have only been married 2 years… How trustworthy is he to run a town??? Then again, pretty much the whole town knows and knew but they say “as long as it don’t interfere with his job.” REALLY!!!???! I guess morals mean nothing in this town at all. Bunch of hypocritical backstabbers.

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By Ronald

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