Angus J. Clark, EVOASIS Holdings, Inc.


Angus J. Clark, EVOASIS Holdings, Inc.; Angus Clark; AJ Clark; HULACAR, Inc.; Evoasis Corporation, Inc. Conned By Angus Clark, self delcarfed CEO of Fake Businesses Greater San Diego Area and/or Nearby Cities California!!. The other reports are valid… Angus J. Clark is a rip-off artist. Angus, born ~ 25 Jan 1960, and last known to reside and do business at **** ***** ***, Oceanside, CA 92056, TEL (***) ***-****, as no bias when defrauding someone. I was a long-time friend and he conned me. What seemed to be a viable business opportunity at one time – was simply a flasehood. Angus contacted me while I was in the military. He consistently talked of sucesses to be in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. After six months of talk, which he like to do, I bit on his seemingly u201clow-keyu201d offer to invest in a business venture with his ‘EVOASIS’ front, and I gave money for founders stock; part of the deception. Since I fell for hoax, Angus pretended another chance to “invest” some months later, and yet another chanceint a few weeks. However, I told him I was broke the third time around, because I felt things were turning shifty. Actually some signs were there all the while, to include a couple of negative reports I saw on the internet, yet I thought there were principles based on friendship, etc. It became clear, nonetheless, that Angus was without principles. When referencing real information about the so-called business, Angus became difficult ard to pin down and he had nothing more than double talk, smooth excuses, etc. In addition, when pressed for reports or even return money from investments he started the cat and mouse act, sensing I was on to him. So, I made a clear request to help finance my travel to see him, help with EV products, etc. Given that u2018 Angus turned silent and his communications more greasy, as he indicated his bank really screwed up a transaction, “…the bank totally lost the money to be transferred,u201d but heu2019d get with the bank VP to correct that mistake. Meanwhile my family remains without the money I was duped out by a crook not a friend. All said, whatu2019s one to do? Right? WRONG! My aim now is to demonstrate a pattern and make this a crimial issue rather than a civil matter. If you experienced anything like this, respond with a contact number and I promise I will reply to you and move your report(s) to a California Authority on my side.

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